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The last sure sign of the Lord's return is street preaching - massive street preaching. Jesus said in Mt 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. In all the world means that it will be preached in the cities, suburbs, country, and on the oceans.

In the last 4-5 years, the Lord has be raising up THOUSANDS of preachers all over the world. They come from every denomination, every sect, and the independents too. They all have a similar story. They believe God has commanded them to preach.

I was at the NCAA finals in Atlanta in 2007, and to my great joy and surprise, there must have been 40 preachers surrounding the colliseum. They represented a cross section of Christianity. One had to take a number if one wanted to preach that night!

This has never happened before in the history of the church. There has always been the few preaching here and there, but never before has there been THOUSANDS at once. Each one testifying to God's direct leading to preach.

Jesus is doing a new work in our times, and it will usher in the Kingdom of God. In the verse above, after the gospel is preached in all the world, the end comes. It is the preaching that ushers in the Kingdom.

The church needs to know that they must not oppose what Jesus is doing in this day. God's wisdom is there, but not often seen. The focus of these discussions is to prepare the church for what God is doing, to instruct Christians on what God is doing and why.

Most people do not understand street preaching. They see a tumult and think that that can't possibly be of God. But they fail to remember that often Jesus preached and riots ensued. Three times the crowds tried to kill him before they succeeded. Many times when the apostles preached there were riots, arrests, and beatings. The tumult is the very thing through which the Lord works.

Remember this: 1Co 1:21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

Please come over to the Open Air Ministry Group, join, and learn more about street preaching.

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A friend of mine put together this slide show with pictures from ALL OVER THE WORLD! I wept as I watched, that I could be counted in their midst.

Anything new for us?
Here is a national news item on a fellow I met in Elmira - Julian Raven. Seems he was arrested for laying on the ground and praying. You might have heard about it. Well, they came and hauled him off to jail.
Here is the latest installment of news from across the globe concerning street preaching. The original of this can be seen at

This blog will make your hair stand up. It is about the state of the church as we prepare for the wedding feast.

Anti-gay street preacher escapes charges
“A street preacher who ranted at shoppers about the "evils" of homosexuality has escaped charges……”

Preacher is fined for homophobia
A STREET preacher has prompted concerns over religious freedom in Scotland after being fined £1,000 for telling passers-by in Glasgow city centre that homosexuals deserved the "wrath of God" and would go to hell…..”

Man preaches Christianity to students on campus
“Crowds of students gathered in the quad area next to McCarthy Hall and the Humanities building Wednesday to listen to George Edward Smock express his religious beliefs to anyone who would listen. “I’m teaching the Bible out here,” responded Smock to a group of infuriated students within the crowd that were questioning him for trying to impose his beliefs on the students of Cal State Fullerton….”

Street Preacher
“A Christian street preacher in Myeongdong who spoke in multiple languages to cater to the shopping tourists. At this point she’s speaking Japanese, but I heard her use English and Korean, as well”

Pray for Shawn Holes – Arrested in Scotland
“Please pray for street preacher Shawn Holes who was arrested today in Scotland for preaching against homosexuality. ……. Shawn Holes was taken to jail today here in Glasgow Scotland for taking a stand against homosexuality-….”

Minister Protesting Pride Event Now in Jail
“A street preacher who intruded on an Elmira, New York gay pride event along with three others in 2007 has been arrested on disorderly conduct charges. Julian Raven had been fined $100 for refusing to obey police, who ordered him and several others out of a park where the pride event was taking place at the time. He could have faced 15 days in jail for not paying the fine……”

Rangers encounter street preacher before parade
“…….."In the Bible, Jesus taught us that if you even look at a woman with lust, you commit adultery," Karroll called into the noisy air……”

Fiery Street Preacher Cause a Stir in Town Centre
“Some street preachers I came across while visiting Manchester city centre for the day. These guys really caused a BIG commotion with their very straight talking preaching style”

Campus Preachers
“We discuss the arguments and impacts of the local preachers here at University Park: Gary Catel, Clarence "Bro" Cope, and many more. Some links that we promised to provide......”

Loud, Rude, Offensive comments in the name of God. Know your Campus Preacher
“Myself (in the leather jacket) yelling at North Carolina campus preacher Gary Birdsong. Part One of Three. Filmed by Italian director Michele Zappia”

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