Are you willing to step out and do something different?

Do you see that the walls of society are broken down?  Do you see that the gates that hold back unrighteousness have all been but destroyed?

Jesus called the early believers to live different lives than they had seen before; his call is still going out.

What we are doing is not working.

Do we believe that God has the solutions our world needs and that he intends us to extend his Kingdom everywhere, turning the world upside down.  Or, better stated, shall we embrace our calling to turn the world right side up? 

I'm willing to give my all for his all, to step forward, to learn new ways to live out the Kingdom with others.  

Am I willing to n learn the basics of building:  building my life as a disciplined Christ-follower and passing that knowledge to others, learning the basics of marriage building and passing that on to others,  learning the basics of building families and passing that on to others, learning how to effectively find my place in the body of Christ... fulfilling all that God intends for me to do and doing my part in helping others do the same? 

I am willing.    

Are you? 

Let's join together.   This book is a simple action plan.  We all have a part to play... 

Let's serve together.  Let's pray together and believe that he will show us how to do our part in seeing His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

And, as he shows us, let's do it. 

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