The Story of the "Bible in One Hour"

Johnny and I have been friends with a Bible translator, Stanley Morris, for more years than we can count! One day Stanley told us - "I have come up with the neatest idea! The Bible, condensed into one hour. It's all Scripture and gives a really good overview of the Bible." A few days later the sample arrived. Johnny and I and some friends were taking an hour drive... Johnny had brought along the CD. "How about I play it for the trip?" he asked. I said, "I don't know, we've been at work all day... maybe just play a few minutes & then we'll visit a bit." So he popped it into the player in the van. Suddenly, the 4 of us were totally engaged!!! It was so interesting hearing the Bible like we had never heard it before. Starting in Genesis, the CD highlighted story after story. It unfolded around us. It was great. When it was done, we couldn't quit talking about how good the CD was. Ever since then, we always keep several copies on hand to give out to others! Kingdom has since made it a 'Free Access Master". For only a few dollars you buy a copy that can be freely copied and distributed for non-profit, mininistry purposes! I hope everyone takes the time to get one and use it as we have for many years... It is the perfect outreach tool. Why, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God!"

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  • We have purchased copies of the Bible In One Hour Cd's to give away in our weekly food pantry and our annual day of caring and sharing. On this day, anyone can come to receive free clothing, free food, kid's toys, books, a hot meal, even a free haircut. The CD is a great give-away and the cost is minimal.
    Frank Chyz
    Liberty Baptist Church
    Ellenboro, NC
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    You don't know me but I have seen you post over at Team Sarah. I really admire you for your spunk! It's nice to see you over here! I have met several very nice people here in a short time.

    God Bless!

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