God has always ruled the Kingdom of Heaven.  Plus, he was the King of his Creation until the wheels fell off.

The first citizens of his Kingdom, Adam and Eve, rebelled against His rule.  That rebellion continues to this day. 

As a result of the rebellion against God, we were excluded from His Kingdom, in the kingdom of darkness; our sins separated us from God.   Look at the world around us.  The kingdom of darkness is visible everywhere.  The kingdom of darkness is the domain where God's rule isn't recognized and applied.  It's where people make up their own rules and disregard God's precepts and principles, often thinking that their way is the best way.  

The REASON God gives His laws is for our wellbeing.  Violating His laws brings hurt, unhappiness and destruction.  The scripture describes these outcomes as 'wages'... a wage is what is earned.   Living in rebellion earns death.   It's the kingdom of darkness. 

God was unwilling to leave us in the kingdom of darkness.  He loved us so much that he wanted to save us from destruction and death.  So, in a mystery we cannot fathom, He sent Jesus.  Fully God and fully man, yet without sin.  Jesus died to reconcile us to God.  He paid the wages of doing wrong things... the penalty for everything that separates us from God.  Jesus offers us the opportunity to say "No" to a life without God and by faith be reconciled to God, putting our hope in trust of all Jesus did for us. 

When we accepting Jesus' payment for our, recognizing Jesus as our Lord and King, we are saved from darkness and death.  We are transferred from the kingdom of darkness into God's Kingdom of light.  

Collectively, we are the church... His called out ones. We are His children.  He is our Lord, Savior, our God.  We are the citizens of God's domain, the Kingdom.  We are the citizens of His Kingdom. 

Plan A.  By God's design, we are shine God's glory everywhere; we the light of the world.  

Since Plan A seems to not be working out too well, what is Plan B?

There is no plan B. 

Next chapter:  There Seems to Be Some Confusion


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