Too busy for God?

Everyone is busy and sometimes that time you set aside to spend with God get shoved out of the way to make room for other aspects of life. It seems as though the time you have devoted to Him has been replaced or stolen by other parts of our busy lives. What are some things you do to make sure you still have even a little of that crucial time to continue building a relationship with Him?

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  • I have to make myself stop and pick up either the devotional or the Bible. Sometimes I feel the Lord prompt me several times a day. I also take part in the prayer times and worship practice at church because it forces me to get away from the distractions and spend time with the Lord. Fortunately, I live near the church. At worship practice I worship while helping with projection. Sometimes I just worship. Pressures off because it's not Sunday, the place is nearly empty. It is easier to focus on Him.
  • You know just tonight I was thinking "I'm too tired" and "I don't have to read my passage today or spend my time with God then I decided to do my daily reading with my daughter, which always puts her to sleep. Even though the passage was tough, we are reading Exodus, it was interesting and we learned from it.
    My pooint is, we always have time to spend woth God we just choose to use that time doing something else. It really wouldn't hurt us to give up a little something to spend time with God. So the question is, what does God want from you?
    My answer is dedication. God wants me to make a dedicated decision to put dowm my book for a minute and pick up his book . I have found out this isn't so hard and it is actually quite rewarding!
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