Our current society has turned our gathering as the church into a spectator sport.

Sunday morning 'the team' gets up and plays the 'game' while the audience watches 'the game.'

We mostly focus on things that are helpful for us to live our our daily lives.   Nothing wrong with learning these things.  We're spending most of our time building telling people how to build their own houses.  

Then we go home to Sunday dinner.

Where do we learn to go out into the world, reach people for Christ and see people transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light?  

We are not turning the world upside down.   

Many people are not content with this.  Maybe, because you are reading this, you are one of those people. 

Jesus didn't set things up the way they are now.   It's time for a change.  A big change. 

Jesus said we all have a role to play.  Each of us is vital.   We have a destiny that God intends us to fulfill.   We have a purpose that He wants us to carry out.  We have a place on His team.  

What is the game, how is it played and what does 'winning' look like?  

Next chapter:   To Win You Need Skills


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