Life is really busy. Too busy. If we aren't careful, everything presses in and we lose our connection to God. Johnny and I have found a way to renew our focus on God daily. When we get ready to face the day, you know shower, shave, do our hair, etc... We play the Bible on CD. We went through the God's Word translation and now we are going through The Bible Experience. Each translation provides a different dimension of experience. You wouldn't believe how often something I listen to comes to mind as I face the challenges of the day! Plus, since we listen together, we often talk about what we are hearing and what it means. This helps us to grow together. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone as a way to stay connected to God and renew our focus on Him. I'd also like to tell you about something special... a version of the God's Word New Testament on CD that you can copy and share for non-profit ministry purposes. Great to share with your friends or throught your church or ministry! Plus, this version cannot be copied, but it is really neat to listen to. It is somewhat dramatized with special effects. It IS an expeience to listen to it. It's called 'The Bible Experience."

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