I would have to say that Come Back Churches has to be one of the most powerful books that I have read in a long time. The book surveys 300 churches that had been plateaued or declining for 5 years or more. They all had in common that they came back to be vital, growing Christian communities. I highly recommend it. What have you read?

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  • Sarah... I've also read that book and LOVED it. Another author you might like is Ted Dekker... He has some amazing books. I'd invite any Christian to read Heaven's Wager and When Heaven Weeps and see if that doesn't give you a new perspective on Soul's and how Christ sees us. It is a phenomenal Read --- I've lent my copies out or I'd let you borrow them you'd have it read in a day.

    sarahjohns "Deadline" by Randy Alcorn, it gave a possible perspective on what happens after death in the life of believers and nonbelievers. Purely fiction but gave food for thought.
    Also "Believing God" by Beth Moore is great and one to be read over and over again!
  • Who Really Cares, by Arthur Brooks, busts the myth that it's liberals who care & give the most. Oh contrare--it's conservatives with religious involvements who give the most of their money, time, even blood (literally in blood drive donations)--by any measurable standard, it's compassionate conservatives. Great, great book to dialogue with coworkers, etc. or anyone remotely interested in politics.
  • For freedom from my personal demons, and understanding my place in God's family, I have been reading a ton over the last few years. Two of the latest books I have read that are excellent are both by Neal Lozano. "Unbound" is fabulous, and "The Older Brother Returns" is excellent.

    Many of us (or should I speak in the singular?), I identify with the Prodigal Son. I wondered off in many different directions and wrecked havoc in my life and others around me. So for a long time, I considered myself the wayward son who finds truth and returns to the Father. In reading "The Older Brother Returns", I recognize that I also fit the older brother role, especially now - after being "home" for a long time. Excellent and enlightening reading.

    Oh, if you are still fighting your own personal demons, may I also recommend "Addictions and Grace" by Gerald May. Absolutely awesome to understand our inner self. From the back cover, "...describes the process of attachment that lead to addiction and examines the relationship between addiction and spiritual awareness."

    All threee books are highly recommended reading, IMHO.
  • I've been Reading a book by Anne Graham Lotz called "Give Me more of Jesus" based on the rallys she did around the country and How she was scutenized as a Woman taking a leadership role in ministry. I found it very interesting how she proceeded just to learn more about God and How it can only help but overlow into every part of your life. If you like a challenge and to hear a little more about a Pioneer Woman in ministry check it out. Thanks
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