I ran a fun little contest asking people what their favorite discussion or blog was. I just have to share some of the things that people said. Thanks for participating. And, everyone, thanks for making KingdomInsight such a great community! P.S. If you want to hear about upcoming contests, make friends with me. {wink} {wink} Seriously!!! P.P.S. I'd like to hear what you have to say about KingdomInsight, too. Just reply below. Thanks!!!!

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  • Kingdominsight is for building relationships and ultimately building the Kingdom, right? Is it for sharing ideas on how we share our faith? Should we share what we are doing 'in the Kingdom' right now? Guess I want to get a feel for what is to be accomplished.

    Thanks, Ginger
  • Another person said...
    “You know how it is when you've been away for a while you just want to go home. This election year has taken us all away from home, now it's time to go back replenish and regroup for the tasks that lie ahead,
    I see KingdomInsight is like finding home. I'm ready to move in, have guests, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. God has called us to this time, and well equipped us for his calling. KingdomInsight will give us a safe satisfying place to call home. A real community, where we can go and come without worldly care or fear. "
  • One lady said whenever she enters our site to read discussions, she feels she is entering a realm of peace and love!
  • And...
    Do I have to pick just one? The best are under connecting with God and each other.
    When Nescessary Use Words comes to mind. There are a number of other good things there.
  • Still another said...
    Second marriages * Posted by sarahjohn
    That has to be my favorite blog, because I can relate so closely to that blog. She also gives wise advise from experience for all considering a second marriage.
  • And someone else said:
    My favorite blog entry on Kingdom Insight is "Isn't Technology Incredible?" posted by Juanita. Here is a link to that blog: https://kingdominsight.ning.com/profiles/blogs/isnt-technology-incre...

    This is my favorite blog entry because it really highlights how far we have come in terms of technology from a real perspective. So often we hear "technology can do this, technology can do that," but Juanita posted what technology IS doing the moment she is using different forms of technology!

    Additionally, the blog also shows how technology doesn't eliminate human interaction. A common viewpoint on technology is that technology eliminates the need for interaction with people. However, in order to get her blog up with the pictures, Juanita coordinated with Matt and combined his technology, his cell phone, with her technology, her WiFi enabled laptop.
  • Another person shared that their favorite post was
    "Do you know of anyone having success reaching Muslims?" by Katie
  • One person said...
    My favorite discussion, thus far has got to be Christians Should Leave Religion Behind for a couple of reasons. It caught my eye and I had to see what he meant by that and also it is the discussion that sparked something in me so that I was beginning to really understand what God expects of us. I've also met some very kind people in here through that discussion and it has all given me a great sense of inner peace when I come here.
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