Johnny and I have spent quite a lot of time visiting with many churches, pastors, techs and so forth. Technology is providing incredible opportunities for ministry... Messages-To-Go, taking the message just spoken with you as you leave, websites that are linking people together, webTV. It is incredible. But, everything is not a rose garden! Sometimes instead of complementing ministry, technolgy is being misused. Here are the top two examples of replacing an effective technology with a less effective technology. * Replacing CDs with DVDs. This is not effective because you cannot listen to a DVD in your car or when you are out jogging. * Replacing CDs with MP3 downloads. This is not effective because you cannot take a message with you to the person who needs it. When we see these types of things happen, we want to get in touch with church leadership and say, "Please be careful of delegating MINISTRY decisions to those who do not understand the many aspects and impacts of the specific ministry!"

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  • Here's an example for you. I drive an old car that has only a casette player. I have not purchased an aftermarket CD player because I have only a few CD's. I no longer listen to Pastor's messages while on the road because we have switched to using only CD's. It takes me forever to get to the CD when I bring it in the house. I can find too many other things to distract me.
  • This is so true about the effectiveness of technology.

    Another thing is, even though technology is always being "upgraded," people will always have a preference as to how they want to hear a message. Some people are visual learners and would benefit from a DVD, while other people learn better from an audio message that they can carry around via portable MP3 player and listen to a couple times to let the knowledge sink in more.

    Also, by making your messages available in multiple formats, you are ensuring that each individual will be able to hear the message. Although DVDs are very prominent today, there are still people that are using VHS tapes. Likewise, although MP3 players are very common today, there are still people on cassette tape players and people who would prefer to hear a message on an audio cassette.
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