It should be self-evident.  Since the scripture says we have an Enemy, this enemy has probably set some TRAPS for us.  

One of the biggest traps he sets is division.  United we stand-divide we fall.   Jesus told us this.  

The enemy doesn't have authority over believers, so he has to work by way of lies.  That is how he sets up divisions.  

The game should be played everywhere.   To hedge against this there are a whole pack of common lies circulating.   You might have found yourself repeating some of these.   Let's be smart enough to realize that these are NOT godly thoughts.

Prime lie:  Religion belong in church.  Period. 

Then there is this:   Don't mix...

Business and Friendship.  What?  Do you realize that many of of the heroes in the Bible were Christian businessmen.   Paul was a tentmaker and supported the needs of many who traveled with him.  

Politics and Religion.   Ooops.   Maybe we haven't gotten the memo.   Jesus already did, he is the King and he rules.   He tells us to extend his domain everywhere; there is NO exemption for the political arena.   We're not talking about a theocracy...  trying to set religious rule.  Religious rule didn't work so well in times past; it won't work today.   Bringing the Kingdom to the political arena is teaching people groups, including politicians, that we want righteousness in government:  honesty, working for the wellbeing of people and not against it, justice, etc. etc.  This is what it means to 'make disciples' in the political arena. 

Don't ruin friendships by bringing up religion.   Aren't we glad Jesus didn't live this way.   He made friends and enemies by what he said.   And, he told the truth.  We will do the same.  Jesus let us know that it is not worth losing out on God to win the friendship of those in the world.   We need to be fearless and truthful.  Though we should be gracious with our words, it won't always work out... we need to take the rejection some people will dish out.  

Let's take a quick look of the domains of this world...

Sacred - our relationship to God, prayer, the Bible, his Word, worship.

Social - our relationship with each other. from friends, family to education, media, entertainment.  You get the idea.

Civic - everything that has to do with keeping order, from politics to the principles we use to run our families.  It's about authority and responsibility.

Work/Business- that four letter word, work, guides most hours of our day from maintaining those things that we use for life to being gainfully employed in the marketplace and buying & selling, commerce. 

The Bible teaches truths about each domain.  And there are endless needs that to be met in each domain.  When we meet a need, that can be called a 'service' or a 'ministry'.   

Meeting needs in Jesus' name gives the glory to God.   How far should God's glory extend?  He desires his glory cover the earth as the water covers the sea.  Is there any domain in society that would be outside of God's desire for us to impact it? 

Next Chapter:  What Does Winning Look Like?

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