I get asked this question on a daily basis. There really is not an exact answer, unfortunately. The most common reason is the player it is trying to be played in, whether a cd or dvd player is an older player and the older players have issues reading burned discs. You will also find on occasion a newer player that will not play a burned disc. I have found several reasons for this. In cd players it can be just as simple as a compatibility issue. That disc just may not be able to be read by that machine, nothing is broken or defective, it just does not read it. In this case a lot of times just switching types of discs will solve it. It can also be a result of your drive going bad in your duplicator, it will still copy but will put errors on the disc that can not be read. In dvd players speed of the disc can make a big difference. There are some players that will tell you right in the manual do not try playing 16x discs in the machine. 16x discs are a litte more unstable and can cause issues in some players. In this case you can go to 8x and should be ok. The actual time difference between 8x and 16x when copying is really not that much. The biggest thing is to be aware of your equipment, read the manual to see any warning about what or what not to do, and of course check to make sure it is finalized. This ends up being the problem in about 85% of the calls I get. A lot of people do not realize this needs to be done on cd's and dvd's. Always double check this, I know I have forgot to this myself sometimes. Also, last, but not least, always make sure you speeds are correct on your duplicator to match your discs. If your are using 8x discs, slow it down to 8x. It will copy at a higher speed but copies can come out choppy or not play at all. Keep all this in mind when running your equipment.

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