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5 x 7 Model

The 5 x 7 Model
The Foundational Framework of the Kingdom

Why 5 by 7? It is actually not a mystery, there are 5 lines down and 7 lines across.

These people equip the body of Christ

     Apostle – equips people to be Planters
     Prophet – equips people to be Perceivers.
     Evangelist – equips people to be Proclaimers.
     Pastor – equips people to be Caregivers and Guides.
     Teacher – equips people to be Imparters- entrusting what we learn to faithful people, who will in turn teach others

This model shows where Church/Ecclesia exists. What is the smallest gathering of Church/Ecclesia? That’s right, we are each members of the body; wherever two or three are gathered, there Christ is. And, we know that at the global level there is a universal church or universal Ecclesia.

This model describes our current challenge. Many churches are led by pastors, many of these pastors provide care but often they are not gifted or skilled at training people to be care givers. And so, pastors and congregations can tend to frustration. Furthermore, the other vital equippers are hardly ever found in one local church. You need to go up one level to dependably find them – to the city level. This, of course is why scripture identifies church across cities: the church at Ephesus, the church at Corinth. The core unit –the unit with everything needed to function- is at the city level.

This way of understand the body, the Church/ the Ecclesia, should change everything about how we ‘do church’.


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