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Marriage Building

Framework for Marriage Building

Think of this framework as a starting point for your community to create your own Shared Standards for Marriage Building. A good resolution for couples to make is a verbal or written marriage covenant. (Framework: simple concepts that frame how things work.)

Marriage building is not accidental, it occurs when spouses make a resolution to build a good marriage.

  1. We work to build my marriage, learning to positively resolve conflict
  2. We learn to speak the love language of my spouse
  3. We work to grow love in key areas including….

Expressing Affection     Companionship and Recreation                 Transparency    

Sexual Relations             Home and Family Care                              Respect

Appearance                    Finances                                                    Extended Family

Communication              Children

      4. We work to reduce those things that erode love, including…

Disrespect                            Lack of Honesty                    Anger

Selfishness                           Activities that Divide             Annoying Habits

       5. We work to create proper balance between freedom and boundaries.  The pillars of governance, the Four Core Ideals, can help create balance:  Unity in Diversity, Popular Sovereignty, Democratic Equality, Scripture as Rule of Law

       6. We strengthen marriages in the natural community, the Kingdom Community and our Connected or Koinonia Communities

      7.  We identify areas of joint ministry and practice the 7 Devotions


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