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  • Hey David, am thinking about you and your family. God Bless!
  • Yes David, most of the time the F stands for Francis.  Although my wife is starting to believe it stands for Forgetful since that happens so much anymore. 

  • Dear Dave;
    Once again our training from the VRP has paid off greatly. This Sunday we had over 100 brand new first time guests. Are you serious? Yes. The bible speaks about when Jesus had returned from the grave He asked the disciples why were they so slow to belive? (paraphrase) TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! Dave, if the Pastors want the same old thing in their churches tthen all they have to do is nothing---- and their results will be what they have now. But change takes change. Step out into the deep and let down your nets.
    We will be breaking the 400 to 500 barrier this year. GO. GO. GO.
    Thanks for the training. KEEP GOING DAVE.
  • Thanks Dave. Here's the link. https://kingdominsight.ning.com/forum/topics/what-is-worship-to-you?...
    Only way I know to deal with it is to copy from browser heading. It's the worship discussion under walking wtih God. Has gone to more of a why/what I believe discussion. Check MR. Chamber's last comment and those that follow.
  • Need a strongs. Also want to discover if the human definition matches Gods definition. Often people desire us to think they are the same when they are not. What does Sozo teach?
  • Lets see you have finished or nearly finished SOZO. You are also aware of way I didn't buy the description in house or on the website. (Too little explanation of the points to be covered. Couldn't figure out if was prayer, or counseling or a little of both.) Can you give a better description and sell it to myself and my like minded friend now?
  • Cool! You're welcome. Enjoyed the reading and oportunity for the brain work.

    Enjoy that message CD...unless you use the internet feed instead.
    Either way enjoy the message. Seems I live Pastor's messages a week before he gives them. The past week or so seems to be the revelation that reverse psychology has worked as well as I hoped and maybe better than I wanted it to work.
  • Thanks, Dave!
    We are in the process in our church of conducting a fund-raising to upgrade our sound system and to purchase cd recorder, cd/dvd duplicator and other equipment to begin an extensive distribution ministry. Also, our church will be in your VRP program beginning on July 15th.
  • I am glad to be a part of what is happening at Kingdom! The help we have received from the vrp program has revolutionized our thinking concerning guests, structure and organization.

    Thanks Dave and Kingdom
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