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  • Gary,

    Can you share with everyone a little about your ministry and where you see it going? God's using you & people would love to hear - http://tiny.cc/MyMinistry
  • Click on my smiling face. At the top left of the screen it says:
    Send a Message. Just click that and send me a blurb! You will be entered.
  • Gary, those are my grandchildren. I need to devote more time to the Kingdom site. Seems like TS takes so much of my time. I'll do it tonight,
  • Gary, I found it on my pictures from my computer. I don't know where it came from. I see you have it too. I just thought it was a cute picture, since I love little kids and dogs, it was perfect. I those your grandchildren in your photos? They sure are cute.
    aka Joe the Cat on TS
  • Gary!
    Thanks for Joining KingdomInsight. We need to work together to extend the Kingdom of God!
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