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by Paul Gordon Collier

In the times that we live here in America, the standards of individual liberty, the natural rights of men through our Creator, have been dismantled to a significant degree, with only a vestige of those standards resisting the full destruction of our American Republic.  Our nation's standards, never fulfilled, but with no other nation coming nearly as close as this nation to fulfilling, were born from the body of Christ seeking to live out the diversity within the Unity of the body.  The ideals of individual liberty come from Scriptures and cannot be fulfilled outside of a Godly people to carry them out.

With that in mind, we, like the nation of Israel in Jeremiah's time, find ourselves in a nation now aggressively pursuing man-made, man-centered standards of Utopian 'equality' and 'justice'.  We are witnessing the man-centered ideologues winning.  We are witnessing righteous standards and values being condemned, and the proponents of such standards being called racist, bigoted, and even anarchist, even terrorist.  Right is wrong and wrong is right.

In this climate, not unlike the Israel and Judah that Jeremiah experienced, what is our role and responsibility in such an age?  We can turn to the book of Jeremiah, chapter 12, for a key insight into the way God sees how we should move in such a time as these:

Witnessing the Kingdom in a Godless Age

The challenge for us is to think eternally while serving temporally.  This is very difficult right now.  I feel the personal threat to my freedom and security.  I see godlessness becoming the social norm and godliness becoming taboo.  I see godly people losing, being persecuted, their businesses, their families destroyed by the progressive assault on God and America.  I see godless progressives prospering, winning, ruling hearts and minds.

I want to ask God- why- why do you reward the wicked and condemn the righteous.  And then I come to Jeremiah 12.  He was watching his nation descend into godless paganism, aggressively turning away from the God who delivered them from Egypt.  He was shown no hope in this nation as it existed today.  He knew the end was coming.  Yet, like us, he grew frustrated that the wicked were prospering and the righteous were losing.  So he confronted God and asked him, “why?”

God did not say- be patient- I know what I am doing.  He said- (verse 5)

“If you have raced with men on foot
    and they have worn you out,
    how can you compete with horses?
If you stumble in safe country,
    how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?

God has a plan for us- and it might be to walk in the thickets by the Jordan.  We should prepare ourselves and praise God for the opportunity to witness the depth of our Faith through trials and persecutions.  That verse, verse 5, is one of my top 10 shield verses I keep with me in these times.  I must always remind myself that I am His clay, that my arm is not as long as His, and that I have opportunities coming that few Christians in America have had since perhaps the days before the Bill of Rights, when States still persecuted the ‘wrong kind’ of Christians.

Men perish, and so do their governments, their monuments, their egos, their ideas, their memories.  But God is eternal and unchanging.  He has a race for us to run that is far grander than any race we could run with men, who, from dust they come and dust they will return.  Keep eternally focused even as you serve, as His son or his daughter, as His vessel, as His lamb, against the demons of this world in all their myriad forms.

I don’t know what will happen next, and I will be a responsible steward of God’s stuff.  This is HIS land, HIS nation, and we are but stewards of His Property.  So, to that end, I will do all I can do to resist the tyrants, the progressives, the godless, the demons in suits, armed with teleprompters and news networks.  I will fight for victory and will accept no ally, no fellow soldier who doesn't work for victory.

But I will walk in faith first and foremost that the only victory that matters is God’s victory, and He will HAVE His victory, with or without me.  My undeserved privilege is to be one of his vessels, His tools, through which His victory is delivered, and trusting, in faith, in His timing, His plan.  For His victory might look like a destroyed nation through which He will raise a new nation, a new Kingdom people, ready to shine His light on the world through the righteousness of His standards.

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Comment by Ginger Haan on October 16, 2013 at 9:54pm

Great analogy for today. Well done, Paul!

Comment by Juanita on October 15, 2013 at 3:54pm

Great article!

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