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To make disciples of all Nations, starting at home!

We should be bringing people into the Kingdom of God through helping them find faith in Christ's sacrifice resulting in salvation through grace. PLUS, we should be loving our neighbor as ourselves. Loving our neigbor means that as salt, the influence of God should permeate all dimensions of society:
Education - that truth and knowledge are passed on..
Civic - that laws supporting good and right behavior are passed and upheld
Entertainment - that wholesome, family supporting programming is available

The outcome of salt moving through the various areas of culture in our communities and nation is a Healthy Society for ourselves, our familes and others. Contributing to healthy socities in one act of making disciples of all Nations, starting at home!

We live under democracy. As democratic citizens, we have many opportunities to fulfil our obligation to love to our neigbor and to work for their well-being: Praise to God, we can have an impact on our neighbor, the community and the country! To this end, we often join with others so that we be more effective.

The diagram below shows how we, as Americans believers in God, can unite to build a strong nation. We need to resist the temption to inward focus and unbalanced living. We will balance the Great Commission and the Great Commmantment, being salt and light to a dying world. Influencing all around us for righteousness is a priviledge and a calling, resulting in benefitting others -this is tangible love! By loving others, even those without Christ, we bring glory to God! Amen!

We have the opportunity to unite to impact Society. Here is the technical basis for this:

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Comment by Dora Perry on December 1, 2009 at 2:01am
There is so much I can say, but I will try to keep it short. First of all every Christian should agree to disagree on certain ways each show their faith. We do agree that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. We should focus on Him, loving each other as He says and showing that we are true disciples. With that being said, we are also to love the ones that are not following His lead. I even have to watch myself on this, we are to love the sinner and hate the sin. This is a Holy anger. Therefore, as we stand for our beliefs we have to be careful to direct our anger in the right direction. We have to be angry with the one who the sinner is listing to and he is the father of lies. When we look at ourselves there are even times we have listened to lies. Maybe not the same lies that are so evident as some, but still lies. We learn what these lies are from studing our Bibles. That is why when we are fighting the Good Fight we must do it with the Word and listen to the voice of truth. The best example I can give is our government. I do not hate any of them. I love them, but I hate the sins that they are saying is right. They are listening to the wrong voice and believing lies. What we are to do as Christians is stand up and say we cannot live by these lies, we follow the voice of truth. This does not mean we don't love them, we must pray for them. I know this is a fine line, but we must walk it. And if one of us start to fall, I pray there is a brother or sister in Christ that will help us back up. Well, I did not keep this as short as I was going to, but this is just so deep, needs to be looked at and balanced with scripture very carefully. I will stand with my family in Christ to say no more, but this will be done out of love in hopes that no one will lose their soul just to gain the world. The world is a very small place compared to eternity. May God be with us all.
Comment by Juanita on November 27, 2009 at 12:19am
If evangelicals think they cannot, together with other Christians, declare our intent... here is a good question...

wld it b wrong 2 join Catholics when they defended Jews from being led 2 death by Hitler?
Comment by Juanita on November 25, 2009 at 11:14am
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