Are you an intercessor?

If we are going to see the insight we hear from God and share with each other be effective, we need to have prayers/prayer warriors and intercessors? Where are you? Where is your group? Let's gather and support moving the Kingdom of God forward!!!

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  • Gotta be a teacher you even give homework!
  • Hi Lisa,
    You're right--I love baiting. I'm a teacher, born for that purpose, and cannot help it. I make no apologies, for I know the Great Teacher and love emulating Him. And wow, I love the myriad of thoughts you bring to the discussion.
    I used to think the cute story of Moses' rod turning into a snake and then eating the magicians' rods (snakes), was an inconsequential incident in the story. But instead, it is the core principle of intercession. Moses' rod (symbol of God's authority) turned into a snake (symbol of satan and all evil). What's this mean? Through authority and power given to us, we can bare SIN on ourselves to God's Holy Mercy Seat for another person, like Jesus bore our sins to His Father. Then, Moses' snake ate the snakes (rods) of the magicians. Which means that Jesus has given us ultimate authority over three worlds--hell, earth, and the third heaven--and this authority helps us carry another person to the Mercy Seat. The magicians completely lost their authority to Moses when he picked up the snake and it turned back into his rod. This means satan's strength was broken over the whole land of Egypt and the whole world, because Egypt was number one great world power. To prove satan's loss of control to the Egyptians and the Isrealites, each of the first nine plagues addresses the powerlessness of Egypt's nine main gods and satan's nine (now broken) major strongholds over the nation.
    In a bird's eye view, intercession broke the satanic chains of sin and bondage over the Iraelites. Moses carried them to the Mercy Seat (the Passover). There each one obtained his/her own repentence and salvation. Through continued intercession, Moses escorted them to water baptism (the Red Sea). Through continued intercession, Moses escorted them to the Holy Spirit baptism of fire (Mt. Sinai), and eventually into the Promised Land (even though there was rebellion along the way which also needed much intercession). In each instance, intercession carried them TO the next step, but did not gain the step FOR them (a very important point). Each person was (and is) responsible FOR his/her own repentence, water and fire baptisms, and dedicated life. An intercessor helps get you there. With all this in mind, now go read Mark 16:15-20. These verses describe what we are to do in intercession and where Jesus is now continuing His.
  • Okay Dave you do that on purpose. I'll take the bait!. Oh and appologies to Juanita for my somewhat sarcastic response the other day. Activity of intercessors unknown? Could that have something to do with a name game? Intercession is really prayer. Prayer isn't has a reputation of being boring and doesn't receive much attention. Some folks don't want recognition. Intercession is prayer for others, much like putting a good word in for them and asking that they recieve grace rather than what they deserve. It can and should be specific. For example we might ask the Lord to bring someone to a point where they choose to follow him with their whole heart and receive His love.
    Great personalities in Bible were intecessors. They were close to God weren't they? Could that have something to do with intercession? One of them was in charge of a very large tribe (nation) of rebellious people and had to answer to God. Look at the definition above. I wonder could intercession have been a job requirement for Moses?
    What does intercession have to do with the Kingdom of God? Everything? God has a bunch of rebellious sheep running all over earth exercising their free will to choose the wrong way. Is intercession an incredible protection system created by God? Two aspects of God (Spirit and Son) are requesting that the third and head aspect of God (Father) not give His creation what they deserve. Incredible God! He sends Jesus to take our Sins. Then He has Jesus continue to pray that we not get what we deserve. Ultimate sacrifice x2? Could both be acts of intercession? More amazing still, God allows His rebellious, disobedient, confused creation (sheep) to take part in the process by praying for each other.
    PS. If you don't think we are sheep, arrive first and park someplace stupid in a empty, new parking lot. Watch what happens.
  • Yes, where are the intercessors? Why does it seem the activity is so unknown and so widely neglected? Why should I pay attention to intercession? Why are the two first great personalities in the beginning of the Bible (Abraham and Moses) great intercessors and the last and greatest of all personalities in the Bible (Jesus Himself) the greatest intercessor? Can anyone explain what intercession has to do with the Kingdom of God and the Great Commission and the Great Commandment? I understand Jesus is right now interceding at the right hand of the Father, while right now the Holy Spirit is interceding with groans and utterings that cannot even be put into words. So, two members of the Godhead are continuously in intercession to the third member--God the Father? Why? What does this mean?
  • I'm so exited! CJ rose to the challenge and has started an intercessor group!

    Please join CJ's group!!!!!!!! Everything we want to accomplish as people and through this site will be dependant on pray-ers, and prayers!
  • Scattered about our various churches, participating in prayer meetings or praying on our own. I understand Kingdom has a group that meets to pray.
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