Looking for ANOTHER angle to attack Gov. Palin?? hmmmm.....Pls POST - no log in is required. http://www.usnews.com/blogs/god-and-country/2009/02/03/covering-palin-and-other-religious-politicians-whats-the-news-medias-role.html Excerpt: The flood of comments alleging that the mainstream media (me included) pick on Sarah Palin because of her faith keep coming. Here's my question: If a candidate suggests that his or her religious faith helps define him or her, and it's obvious that the candidate's faith is central to his or her appeal, should the candidate be expected to answer questions about those religious beliefs, particularly as it relates to the candidate's positions on public policy? Not in the form of a state-enforced religious test, which is expressly outlawed in the U.S. Constitution, but in the form of responding to questions from voters and the news media?

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  • I say NO. Sarah's life and being tells it all for me. My first glance of Sarah I said to myself she is sent from God and I think we all will soon realize how God works like never before! Read Daniel 11 verse 20 and I think that is BO.
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