Any game has fundamentals.   If you are going for ice hockey, bottom line, you need to know how to skate.  If your game is football, for all players:  you must show up for the game.   Baseball?  You have to be able to swing a bat.   You get the idea.   

Let's look at the fundamentals that apply to all believers.   

Great Commandment:  Love God and Love our Neighbor as ourselves

Great Commission:  Go make disciples of all nations

They, the first Christ-followers, devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching, Fellowship. Breaking of bread and Prayer.   

Let's list them out.  

  1. Love God – Adore, praise, worship, give thanks, honor and so much more!
  2. Love Our Neighbor – Loving and serving the person God puts in front of me and the people who live next door; serving by using my gifts, talents and abilities.
  3. The Great Commission – Proclaiming Christ and the Good News of Jesus Christ, doing my part in teaching others, striving to see that “we might present everyone mature in Christ."  We need to be learning and teaching all the things that Jesus taught.  
  4. Apostles’ teaching – The New Testament was written by the Apostles who relied on the Old Testament. Each of us need to strive for Biblical literacy, understanding the Old and New Testament, how they relate to each other and to keep the Word of God central in our lives.
  5. Fellowship – Is the Greek word Koinonia, which means partnering in heart-connected community to serve God and others
  6. Breaking of bread   – Sharing meals and hospitality and also celebrating the Lord’s Supper.
  7. Prayer – Spending time with God individually and corporately, anticipating the He will answer according to his promises.

 Over the years, some believers have tried to get a 'pass' on #3.   "I'm not called to make disciples" goes the argument.   But, wait... the FIRST command of God was "Be fruitful and multiply."   Who's going to teach the little ones?  You got it?  Making disciples starts in the home.   At the end of Jesus' ministry he told us what he wants:  go make disciples (disciplined followers) of all nations (people groups), teaching them to carry out everything he said.    This is not a mysterious thing...  rather we realize it or not, throughout our whole lives we influence others.  Whether we realize it or not, we ARE making disciples.   What kind of disciples are you making?  People do what they see others do.  

It might be time we learn to make disciples intentionally and effectively.  

Next chapter:  Where Are We Going to Play the Game?

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