We all should be learning through the book The Bible, of course! And then, we also learn from others: their messages and teachings and their life experiences. What books have really influenced your life?

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  • Purpose Driven life by Rick Warren and also Alpha Questions of Life by Nicky Gumbel. I also have the DVDs based on these studies. These books brought me a lot of comfort especially in this global recession and helped me keep my head above water and look at the world in a different light. I did learn a lot from them. Questions of life is based on the Alpha course which I am currently doing second time around. I also like to read books by Philip Yancey, Max Lucado, John Ortberg and Bill Johnson and many others. And not forgetting the Bible although I prefer it to be read out in church and just listen to the sermons relating to it.
  • I just finished reading The Shack. I had heard about the controversy about it, etc. but decided to read it. Has anyone else read it? Could it be that the controversy is due to it challenging our human perspective/ limited understanding of what it truly means to follow Christ? I recommend reading it - there are some interesting "ideas" in it. To what degree do we limit the depth our relationships, our potential, etc. because of our limited understanding? Just a thought!
  • I just finished reading a book that was incredibly uplifting and spiritually challenging. It is called "I Became A Christian And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt". It was recommended by a long time friend, and I admit that the title had me somewhat cautious. However, if you ever get a chance to read this book, it is humorous and challenging at the same time. I loved it. I will never again be 'just a T-Shirt wearer'.
  • Hello my dear friends!
    The Bible and many others have been a great source of teaching and encouragement. "90 min in Heaven" is a great book. "The Name" by Franklin Graham is also wonderful. I'm just starting one called "23 Minutes in Hell" a personal testimony of Bill Wiese. He was taken into Hell and was allowed by God to come back to tell others it is a REAL place that does exist and should not be taken lightly. I pray just as Jesus Himself, I wish NO One go to Hell, accept the Lord into your hearts and grow be filled with HIS wonderful love and learn how to lead others. Be Blessed , Stay aware of God's work in your life and Keep on Keepin on for our Lord! In Jesus Name, Love to all , Laura
  • Juanita said
    "I just finished several books including books by Thom Rainer -- his books are particularly good in understand what works, doesn't work to build church. I REALLY liked, Surprizing Insights from the Unchuched. What a gem of a book!"

    I read the book "Unchurched"...very eye opening, loved the point of view.
  • A great book that I continue go back to is "Broken Bread" by John Wright Follett. It's no longer in print however you can still find it on Amazon used. It's a book on building Christian Character. Each chapter is a small teaching. I especially like the last 4 chapters. It puts things in perspective. It helps you see the big picture. Gary. Let me know if any one reads it.
  • Davidv---oh yeah...Reese Howells book Intercessor.....also very key for me....AWESOME book, I should go re-read that one...I forgot about it :)
  • Hinds Feet In High Places----an all time classic that will change your life. It is an allegory. Before you start reading it, ask God to show you new things about yourself, and how to help those around you.

    The main character's name is "Much-afraid" and I so related because I am that way so many times. I loved the part where Much-afraid found herself in a cave and discovered that the path she had been on was filled with lessons, that were now her treasures.
  • Reese Howells: Intercessor by Norman Grubb was a great challenge as I read how Howells mad the choice to submit every area o fhis life to serve Jesus without pausing to question the cost.

    The Final Quest by Rick Joiner and This Present Darkness, by Frank Peretti both paint vivid word pictures that reinforce the scripture - For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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