Is God Really Supernatural?

Lately I've found it very humorous that we humans assign the word "supernatural" to God's mode of operation. I can just hear Him sitting in the Heavens enjoying a good laugh over our use of that word. I can just hear Him say, "Supernatural? Is that what you call my activities among you? I thought I was simply being normal for Me! That's the way I ordinarily do things." Could it be that perhaps our using the word "supernatural" has in it a tinge of unbelief? Certain degrees of lack of faith? Or slightly veiled spiritual sight?

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  • I think we are so focuse on the "natural" scientific patterns and laws that anything else seems beyond the natural. Somehow we stopped seeing the spiritual realm as part of what is normal. We still needed a way describe these things. They didn't stopped happening so we started describing them as supernatural...or beyond normal. More of a name game than anything. God works in ways we don't undrestand. Being God and incontrol, he can appear to defy, or manipulate the natural laws. These things are so far beyond our normal world that of course there is an issue with unbelief and lack of faith. By your reasoning things that God intened to be normal are now view as somehow beyond the normal.
  • Hi Carl,
    Would you believe I searched the word "supernatural" in the King James Version and in the New International Version? Both versions say the word does not exist in the Bible! Do you think, by any chance, this could change our spiritual perspective of God's relationship with us in our daily lives?
  • So if he was thinking his actions were "normal" does that make our actions sub-natural ? (Just a thought)

    I think the third statement describes the feeling I get from the word supernatural. It's something uncommon, but not necessarily missing/unreal. It's something that has been discovered by those who have seen it and can't be proven to be false by those that haven't. But, this applies to more situations than just religious beliefs. Normal and supernatural is all in the eye of the beholder I guess.
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