Kingdom Insight is for what purpose? Each of us must decide this question for ourself, and decide between flesh or spirit. It could be like secular blogs, discussions, and forums where there is gossip, slander, malicious insults, and predators of all kinds. Check out the vicious things that are written on corresponding secular internet sites. Satan is having a heyday there, propagating his agenda of hate. But with God, there is love, peace, and wholeness. For Christian support, when one is down and alone, (s)he falls alone and no one is near to lend a helping hand. But when 2 or 3 are together and one trips, there is no falling because the others instinctively reach out and stop the fall. A three-fold cord cannot be broken. For Christian warfare, while one can chase a 1000, two together can chase 10,000. That's a multiplication factor of 10 for each single person that joins the group. So three together can chase 100,000. Want to enlarge the "Kingdom" of God with greater "Insight"? A precious sister from NH, Val, said whenever she enters Kingdom Insight, she feels like she enters a realm of peace and love. Yep, that's God's Kingdom Insight alright!!!

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  • Let's keep this site the pleasing thing that it is. I think it is possible to deal with difficult subjects without mentioning the who's who of the situation. If you know the person typing the forum well enought to guess who they may be referring to, please do not assume that you are correct and go tell everyone.
  • Dave,
    Thanks for your post. Yes, there are too many discussion sites out there that are just to argue and fight. And, yes! That is what we are here for, to hold each other up, to support each other and to make a difference! Let's do it!
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