Throughout history the church has drifted from its godly, historical roots causing division, disunity and dysfunction. 

Time and again, unity was restored through a common creed, a common standard.   We are familiar with  them:  The Apostle's Creed, The Nicene Creed, etc.

That this process should repeat again and again is not surprising.  Scripture says, when darkness pours in lik a flood, God raises a standard.  

We find ourselves a time of division, disunity and dysfunction again.  Darkness is pouring into our world, everywhere.  The call is going out again...   We need to recommit to the fundamentals of our faith and living out these things among ourselves.   

That is what this book is all about.   And, it starts with common Kingdom Standards...

Shared Standards for the Body of Christ

I Worship the One God - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the one true God. God is the Creator of the universe, earth and man.

The Old Covenant - The First Covenant began with Abraham and extended to his seed. God gave Moses the Law, which is perfect. The law requires all lawbreakers to die and thus leads people to salvation described in the New Covenant.

The New Covenant God sent Jesus, His son. Jesus was born of a virgin, fully God and fully man, yet without sin. Jesus, our Savoir, came as a perfect Lamb to save us by taking the punishment of death prescribed by the Law. God raised Him from death. Jesus is the way, truth and the life, the only way to the Father.

   Jesus knew my name when I was in my mother's womb and calls me to live for Him. By grace through faith I experience his salvation by answering that call, making Jesus my Savior and Lord. At salvation I am reconciled to God by receiving Jesus’ payment from the wrongs I’ve done. I am adopted as a child of God.

The Kingdom - When I experience salvation, I die with Christ. I am transferred from the kingdom of darkness to His Kingdom of peace and righteousness. I become part of Him, His bride and a citizen of the Kingdom.  In the beginning, God created us male and female and established marriage between male and female. I am faithful in marriage and I care for my family. I gather with and love other Christ-followers as the family of God.  As the family of God, we love others, teaching all things Jesus commanded and extend salvation so others can be transferred into the Kingdom Of God.

The Spirit and the Word - Christ is the Word of God. God’s word is perfect. I feed on the Word, committing myself to Biblical literacy and Biblical defense so I may know His Teachings, follow them faithfully and defend truth. I welcome God, the Holy Spirit as the comforter and guide Christ gives to me. The Spirit empowers me to live a righteous life of love, peace and holiness as well as being a strong witness for Him.

The One Baptism - I have been baptized into Christ by faith, making Him Lord. I chose to die to myself and live for Christ, yielding myself, my time, money and resources to Him. I cannot serve God and myself, money or any other thing. I cannot consider myself on the path to heaven when living unrepentantly, doing wrong things. I recognize I have been forgiven and forgive, fulfilling the ministry of reconciliation that He calls me to.

Chapter 1  Turning the World Upside Down

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