If we are going to rebuild, we need to see clearly.

Too often, people don't understand simple Biblical concepts.

A concept that is not understood will not become a precept.  A precept is a concept that is applied.

Asking people to explain what the Kingdom actually is produces some interesting responses.   Try it.

Here are some examples..

"It's something reserved for us in Heaven."    Uhm.  No.  Jesus told us the Kingdom was among us.

"It's the idea that Jesus is going to come back some day and set things right."   Ahhh.  No.  Jesus came the first time to preach the Good News of the Kingdom.   Seeking the Kingdom first, rather than running off for food, clothes and the goods of this world is how we move into the provision God promises us.  The Kingdom is NOW.

"Its the space between earth and heaven."  What!?!

"The Kingdom is the Church."  No.  That is like saying the United States is the citizens.  A kingdom has a King and a domain where the rule of the King is recognized; a kingdom has citizens   Before people existed, there was God, who is the King.  He ruled Heaven and Creation.   These were His domain, His Kingdom


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