The real history of America

Lately I have been watching an absolutely fascinating DVD series called "America's Godly Heritage." It is amazing how far we have strayed from teaching & learning what really happened in the history of our country. The videos are so good that I feel if people were able to have access to even some of the information, it would change how they view our country, what can be done to stand up for America's godly values, and our rights as Americans. In 1926, a book was written about America's history that did not contain one single source for its information. The book reshaped America's history so it was written from an economic perspective, and removed all of the religious heritage. Now, that book should have been ignored but guess what happened a year later? Several other books were written, using this 1926 book as a main source! And it has grown from there. How can we inform people about America's godly heritage? How can we get this information back in the schools? Imagine what it might be like if people actually learned what REALLY happened in the history of our nation! (For instance, one of George Washington's nicknames was "bulletproof" and a powerful Indian chief attributed Washington's escape from death during war to God! The Indian chief was not a follower of God, but God's divine protection was SO apparent that the Indian stopped trying to kill Washington because God's hand was upon Washington!)

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  • God will need a Gideon to remove the altar of 'baals' in this country. History will not bring revival but a Gideon that go in the power of what He knows about the Living God.
  • Hey! I have noticed on some other sites a lot of complaints on children's textbooks -- that they have revisionist history.

    Is anyone doing anything to impact this in your school districts?
  • I retweeted this on twitter tonight and got 23 views in about 5 minutes. Thanks all twitterers for cking this out! 51 views from an earlier tweet.

    Thanks, all!
  • Rep, thanks for the info regarding this DVD series. I have added it to my Nexflix queue. After I view, perhaps I will add it to my homeschool course. I struggle to find good "TRUE" material to teach American History.
  • Unfortunatly we now live in the most politically correct era in history, we do not know when the end will come, but, America has been found on Christian principles and the bible, same as Australia has. The Christians of the US ought to band together and pray for your historical heritage to remain and be taught in Schools.

    Blessings to all
  • Thank you for mentioning wallbuilders and David Barton. I think he has excellent material and their organization is great! Sherry, thank you for sharing your story. I appreciated reading it and think you're right on!
  • It's definitely scary. We need to get the truth out there! I pray for wisdom on how best to educate people. There is so much misunderstanding because certain people and groups have tried to reshape America's history. Hopefully we can encourage people to study what really happened, and we can light a fire that spreads throughout out country!
  • I have a few friends who are Duke Divinity students (yes, Duke has a divinity school. Shocking, I know) and I am so appalled by the things that come out of their mouths. They go in Christians and come out theologians who are so liberal that much that comes out of their mouths defies God's Word through twisted dilutions. It is truly horrible. We have talks about politics and they have a completely perverse understanding of America's history. I know it is all the rage to bash America, but I would expect Divinity students to at least understand the divinely inspired document that is the Constitution. If you look at history through God's eyes, it becomes easy to see a pattern that God moves and satan is on the coattails to come and steal, kill, and destroy. I know that this country was founded on God and His precepts, but I also know how the deceiver works. I think it is very important to always point that out--that the devil is always working to undermine that good that God has made.

    I have had some bitter arguments with these people and those friendships have ended. What frightens me is that these are the next wave of ministers-a bunch of pompous, self-righteous, liberally brainwashed people filled with heresies and sounding no different than the rest of the ungodly world. It truly is disturbing!
  • I think it's important that we present ALL of history truthfully. The fact is, humans just plain mess up sometimes. But, I think we need to take a well-rounded look at all of history, and at the same time acknowledge mistakes we have made. I do believe that there are events in history that were handled improperly, and the results were incredibly damaging to certain groups of people. And I pray that there can be redemption and freedom from them - even if it might be centuries later, that healing can take place.
    I was amazed when reading through some early American history at the various founding fathers and influential people who were African American, or who were against slavery, etc. We watched a video in church recently about an African American who had an amazing impact on many lives in early America - I want to see that type of unity - where we can all stand side by side!

    My opinion - it's important and crucial that we not sidestep mistakes that have happened in the past, and it's also critical that we make sure to get all the facts and not look at items from one viewpoint. I believe that through that, we can gain understanding, and hopefully help people see God for who He is.

    (Did I make any sense?!!!! LOL!)
  • I know we are talking about American History but I wanted to share something that really bothered me about Christianity/( my good friend Jonathan B and I just talked about it) I phrase that was coined during the Crusades by King Richard the Lion heart " Kill them all and let god sort them out"

    This is not a picture I would like to paint for my children about there god.

    Just a little more food for thought.
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