Ever since I became a Christian (28 years ago on Feb 9), I would read the headlines in the newspaper and just groan within my spirit. I longed to know how to get into the lives of the people that I read about and share Jesus with them. It just seemed like I did not know how to touch those in most need with the Gospel. Then I learned that my pastor records his sermons and the church service. I finally found a way to share the wonderful experience that I am blessed to enjoy every week with those who have never had that privelege. Now I hand out recordings of our church service every where I go. I trust God to take them to the people who need them the most. When i read the paper now, I pray, "Lord, please help this poor lost person to hear Your Word, and please help them to receive a recorded message from a godly Christian church service so they can see what they were created for." It is great to know we can do something to penetrate the darkness. I look forward to hearing what you do to reach the lost!

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  • I agree with this article! First a person must realize they are lost! You can't help anyone that is right to home in the filth of this world! God doesn't save people in their sin but from it, so on must feel lost in sin first off! Then as this lost person would pray to God someone will reach out to help him or her,God will make it happen, it happened before electronic stuff was invented.
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