• Difficult circumstances that forced me to look to the Lord. There have been people along the way who helped. However the Lord has frequently pulled them out of my life and forced me to look to Him.
  • The reason I want to grow could be so very broad, but my reason is simple... The lord calls us to grow as we become closer to him!! As we become more Christ like we desire and crave more of HIM!! As human's it is only natural to be curious. Well with Christ the more curious you are the more knowledge and wisdom you get.... So naturally you GROW!
    God Bless
  • I think that my new christian friends have been my biggest help. I was saved when I was 16 but I fell away from the Lord in a big way. Now I have found my way back to God and he has given me an awesome and endless supply of support people. Actually God has also done his best to remove those people who were dragging me down and has only left me with supportive christian friends.
  • Mentoring/Discipling--for me, the privilege of attending a Christian college as a brand-new Christian and having faculty, staff, roommate, friends just pour into me, answer my often-wacko questions about the faith, ROLE-MODEL Christian living for me--priceless
  • Mine was my first pastor David. He was a great guy that made you want to go to church as much as possible.( Which is important when you are 10 years old). Soon I spent three or four days a week at church. He always made you feel like a member of this big family, which is really what church is about. He made our congregation grow so much and when he transfered churches a lot of people followed him. I think it is important for a child to get connected to a church at a young age and David was very good at doing that.
  • Good morning, Sarah: When I was saved, I was very hungry for The Word of God, and was on fire to learn more. I seemed to drift away a little when I was not in the company of good Christian friends, and find that the thing that has had the most influence for me on continuing to keep that "hungry" feeling to learn more, and continue to walk with Him, is loving, kind people like yourself, and my other Christian friends, who are there for me when I am in need of my questions being answered, or just to get a good hug when things are going downhill. Although we know The Lord is always there with us, each and every day, it's nice to know we're all in this together. We're all human, and it's impossible not to feel the burden of this world from time to time. That's why it's so important to fellowship with other Christians all the time. Love you, Sarah. I pray you have a wonderful day today! Many blessings. Chris Gosselin
  • sarahjohns said:
    To me it's been about more than just going to church on Sunday. It's about being with a group of other believers in Christ who want to live the life Christ has called them to. It's an accountability factor, it's relationship, it's love pure and simple. And the old saying you become like the people you hang out with is true!
  • I agree! For me it was a great man named Pastor William Waters who finally got my attention by guilted me into attending a Promise Keepers event back in the mid 90's. It changed my life and my focus on my relationship with God. Unfortunately he passed away last year and I never got a chance to really thank him. I am looking forward to the day that I have the opportunity to meet him again in heaven and truly let him know the impact that his friendship and concern for my salvation has done for me. He was a straight-shooter and a "tell it like it is" kind of guy, which is exactly what I needed to get me back on track! A big thanks to the late Pastor William Waters, a great man of God who I will never forget.
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