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  • CJ -- Thanks for all the invites!!!!
  • hi my name is revst.john nice to meet you im having trouble with the accept friend button it will not allow me to send friend requests will you accept my friendship? brother dave.
  • Thanks for letting us know about the search tool at the bottom of every page...a great way to find out what is currently being twittered ...
  • thanks for the invitation to listen to your blogradio show...it was informative and very helpful...I am looking forward to hearing your review of all the apps that are available on twitter.
    For creating the Intercessor GROUP!

    This is so needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd love to see a group emerge that prays for
    ... The things that people share in their discussions...
    ... The people - I expect to see a bunch of warriors on this site!
    ... The groups - after we launch I expect the groups to grow and new ones to emerge.

    What an opportunity to pray for the body of Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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