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  • Long time, no see under this profile!
  • Paul,
    Thank you for the friend request. Community tech support means that I help members of Kingdom Insight with any technical difficulties they may experience on Kingdom Insight. I am also tech support for Kingdom's MessageShare program, and I do know a bit about HTML and computer technology in general, so if there's anything you'd like help with, please let me know and I will be happy to give some pointers/advice!

    Am pastor SANDE SANYU LUKWAGO aUGANDAN with 40years,in my life i was born outside the family and i grew up amiserable life because no one loved me, i used to sleep with my sheep and the dog
    i surffered uIAM PASTOR SANDE LUKW augandan with 40 years ,i aws born out side the AGO p to the extent of poisoning myself,to escap the bad way of life i was inmissed parental love,the time when i was going to commitsuccide GOD meet me in the wayfrom taking alcohol and cocain and then i had planed to kill my self the GOD called up my name that SANDE,then i saw when i was taken in heaven and he tald me different words.
    i thank GOD because he loved and knew me before i was formed in my mother's womb, so GOD sent me to begin by preaching the gospelbut i have passed through different problems and dis couragments,having nathing to eat ,drink,clothings and i use to preach the message of GOD well as eating from the rabbish pits up to 2004.
    i was sleeping from peaples homes and for some year i got married to my wife lunkuse and we passed through more difficalts and after GOD blessed us with ababy girl called JAIRA FAVOUR ,in 2002 the girl got sick and we had nathing to use in hospital so i went into fasting and praying for 3days,then the girl died,in this very hard time i got the dead body and i called upon GOD whom i meet on the way when i was drunk,soon i saw when she was then alive i thank GOD for all those he did for me.
    After some years we gave birth to ababy boy micheal and also the same thing happened,micheal gone sick when he was 3year and was adimited at mulago the biggest hospital here in UGANDA, he was surely sick and he couldn't breath by him self, so GOD tal me to go and pray for him but i was afraid because doctors had tald me that they were waiting for his last breath,caurageausly i went to the hospital and i did as GOD's word,as amiracle the boy came back to his normal senses and we went back home,in few days i discovered that my boy couldn't,talk andhe couldn't understand any thing taking place, i prayed tothe king of kings and GOD transformed him back, i thank him because he did all those things.

    As i tald you that in the beginning he tald me to preach his word, in 2000 i began the church called New generation ministriesand it wasn't easy in the ministry because we never had our own land and as the church was having 500 peaple the owners of the land sent us away and all the peaple run away, i was left alone but good enough i got anew place where to set the church and by then i had began an orphanage school called True vine primary school.

    i began renting the place where i constructed the church and the school and in this sstem of renting i have meet different problems such as luck of money for paying teachers,feeding orphanes,providing sheltar and besic needs.

    Dear friend iam pastor SANDE servant of GOD if possible please stand with me to up bring those children grow.

    resently i began to work hand-in- hand with village pastors to help them to grow strong and startind different ministries but i have found a problem in finance if you can surport me please i welcome you.
    i thank GOD and pray for every body who stand with me complate my dream
    for more information search on website www.newgenerationministries.homestead.com or call +256752529687.or you can email me on pastorsandy2002@yahoo.com
    P.O.BOX 70284 Clock Toewer Kampala

    i love you in jesus'name
  • Hello Paul~~
    Thanks for joining. One thing that is always interesting to hear is what is happening in your life! Could you share -- Today… this is what God is saying to my heart…HERE...
    Also there, you'll learn a bit about KingdomInsight, why we're different than other communities and why we're here!
    God bless!
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